Steps Investors Can Take to

Avoid Emotional Investing and Its Associated Negative Aspects

certified financial plannerIf investors take financial decisions which are based on emotions then most often than not those decisions tend to be wrong. There are two basic emotions which you need to control to make proper investment decisions, these are greed and fear. If you are unable to control these emotions then they can have very detrimental effect on performance of your portfolio. In the following sections let us look at how how these emotions influence our investment decisions.

How to avoiding emotional investing?

  • Step #1: Control greed
  • Step #2: Control fear

Influence of Greed on Financial Decisions

Many people have the desire to build up wealth in the shortest period of time. A good example is the dotcom bubble of late 1990s where investors were eagerly buying internet related stocks. Such investment activity resulted in overpricing of securities creating the bubble which eventually burst in 2000. The greed to get rich quick can make it really hard for investors to hold onto profits and utilize a proper long term investment plan. 

Key to Financial Success – Stop Emotions from Affecting Your Financial Decisions

At times of such frenzy (as was noticed during the dotcom bubble) it becomes necessary to follow advice provided by your certified financial planner as well as adhere to fundamental rules of investing. These fundamental rules consist of:

  • Creation of a long term investment plan
  • Not getting influenced by emotions
  • Making proper use of dollar cost averaging

Warren Buffett is a good example of how to control greed. Warren stick to his long term investment plans and refused to make investment in high rising tech stocks during the dotcom bubble.

He was criticized for his decision at that time but the critics were soon silenced when the dotcom bubble burst. By not falling prey to greed, Warren succeeded in avoiding losses which other investors had to bear.

Influence of Fear on Financial Decisions

Fear is another emotion which can have negative effect on investment decisions you take. In case some of the investment products suffer significant losses over a period to time then the overall sentiment in the market becomes fearful and investors are afraid to invest any further since it may result in more losses.

Fear Can Lower the Returns You Could Possibly Earn from Your Investments

It is worth mentioning here that being fearful is as bad as being greedy and both these emotions have damaging effect on your investment decisions. Greed was the dominant emotion at the time dotcom bubble was expanding while the dominating emotion after the bubble burst was of fear. Many of the investors tried to control their losses by looking for less risky investment options such as stable value funds and money market securities. These had low risk but at the same time provided low returns.

A Final Note

To conclude we will say that you can avoid being swept by these emotions (fear and greed) by sticking to fundamentals of investing, discussing your financial position with a experienced and certified financial planner as well as utilizing a proper mix of asset allocations.

E-pharmacies are online stores that offer customers an option to buy medicines, and making them available at their doorsteps. Recently, they have come under the limelight of providing quality drugs and better prices but several questions have been raised about their functioning and legality in India

Prescription drugs are those medicines that are advised by a doctor and can be bought from a store with a valid paper prescription. So how does one buy prescription medicines online? Several online pharmacies resort to a method where the customer has to upload a virtual copy of their prescription. It is verified and then drugs are provided accordingly. The same prescription can be used only once to buy prescribed drugs from the same website.

There are 3 categories where various ambiguities in law regarding online pharmacies are interpreted:

Green zone: Medicines can be sold by registered pharmacies that have a registered pharmacist on pay roll. Likewise, the orders can be taken from only those places where retail license is valid. There are a lot of online information about pills or medicines that you can get by searching on Google. 

Grey zone: Every state should have a drug department that sanctions licenses for the sale of drugs only in that particular state.

Red Zone: The sale of prescription drugs without valid prescription is prohibited. Also, selling drugs at higher rates than MRP is illegal and crime.


Experts feel pain more intensely, tell us that Women are more likely to experience chronic pain than men, and are more likely to be undertreated for pain than men are.

A little developed wider this week with a fresh study, published in Alcohol and Drug Dependence, which promises than guys do girls get much less pain relief from smoking cannabis.

"Preclinical evidence has indicated the experience of pain relief from cannabis-associated products can vary between genders, but no studies are done to see if that is true in people." Cooper and her colleagues conducted two double blinded, placebo-controlled studies that looked in 42 wholesome recreational pot smokers – half of them men and half girls.

Before registering in the study all smoked pot at least four times a week.

After smoking the same quantity of a placebo or cannabis, the participants immersed one hand in a cold-water bath could not be endured. Following the concentration, a brief pain survey was answered by the participants.

Among people who smoked cannabis, men reported an important decrease in pain sensitivity and a rise in pain tolerance. But the girls who smoked cannabis failed to experience an important decline in pain sensitivity, although they did report a modest increase in pain endurance soon after smoking as reported by a participant at health message boards.

No gender differences were discovered how much they enjoyed the effect of cannabis or in intoxicated the participants felt.

These results suggest that in cannabis smokers, men show greater cannabis-induced analgesia relative to girls,” said Cooper.

Health professional and a pot advocate for patients in Rhode Island said the study findings shocked her.

We've had equivalent numbers of girls and men and the only man that did not need success was an aged woman that has been unable to follow the directions as a result of her stress of using it. That was because of the stigma from society, not the merchandise."

Do girls will there be a defect in the study itself or actually react differently to grass?

Previous studies have found that girls have much less tolerance for pain caused by cold water submergence than guys and react differently to the chilly water evaluation.

“Based on the current set of studies, it seems that gender differences in pain that is chilly are not inconsistent, especially for brink measures like pain and toleration evaluations.”

You know the audio transcription service does not ask for degrees and certifications, and yet it is called a specialized profession. It is the audio transcription training that imparts the knowledge needed to handle the profession. It is the training that brings the specialization into the profession.

In the training, you will learn the basics of medicine, not enough to practice medicine but enough to understand medical records. The audio transcription course will familiarize you with medical terms. It will give you an overview of subjects like Anatomy and Physiology. You will learn about diseases and treatments. The course will also familiarize you with medicine names.

The course will make your familiar with medico-legal terms. It will introduce you to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPAA has laid down guidelines for an audio transcription service provider to ensure security and confidentiality of medical information.

The training will make you comfortable with all the tools and technology you will need when you work. It will brush up your basic skills in computer. It will introduce you to various methods of transcription, and make you familiar with the tools you will need when transcribing.

The course will hand over tips and techniques to research for information while working. Research is an important part of audio transcription, and every audio transcription service provider should be able to look for information on his/her own.

The training will prepare you for the job in the truest sense by making you practice with real dictations.

Given the importance of the training, you should choose your audio transcription course with care.

Marketing a product these days takes more than just sending a news release to news outlets and counting on them to do all the work. This article aims to explain how to market a new product online successfully. 

The first step is to make sure you have somewhere to start. Where are you selling the product? If you are selling online do you need to create a whole new website or will E-bay or Amazon work for you? For brand new products, it will be more beneficial to set up your own website. This will enable you to use advertising as well as good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Neueseo to drive people to your site, and therefore, your product.

Your website doesn't need to be huge, but does need quality content in order to gain good SEO. Also, the coding of the web pages needs to be optimal. This means that the content of the page needs to utilize plenty of key words (main phrases you believe people will search for) in the title tags, header text, and meta information. This will ensure that the search engines know that your website is pertinent to what the searcher is looking for.

Another way to drive people to your site or product is to use paid advertising. You can use pay-per-click services such as Google Adwords to help spread the word. People will place your ads on their websites for a small fee per ad.

Social networking is also a great tool to use when you want to market a new product. If you don't have an account on Facebook and Twitter for your company or product, start one. These networks are places where people share information daily and is a niche in the market not to be ignored.

There are many resources to get the word out of your product. The key is to have a home base and drive people to it through any means possible. Hopefully this article has shown you a few ways of how to market a new product.

It is important to find a motorcycle with a proper fit, but how? Well, there are certain tests that you can do in order to determine that. In this article, we are going to shed light on those steps, so that you get the best motorcycle helmet for your daily use:

  1. Lock the chin strap and make sure it is comfortable.
  2. The helmet's top interior should rest durably on the top of your head, and the cheek pads should contact your cheeks cosily.
  3. After wearing the helmet look in all the directions and make sure you can approach that your field of vision.
  4. The inner lining should fit properly around your forehead.
  5. Make sure your finger should not fit between your forehead and motorcycle helmet.
  6. Keep your head still in one position and put each hand on the sides of the helmet and try to move the helmet up and down and make sure it shouldn't slide in any direction.
  7. For more comfort you can customize your helmet by adding one extra pad to the interior of the motorcycle helmet.

The above are the few points that a rider should take into consideration while buying a new motorcycle helmet. So, do consider these points because otherwise, you won’t be able to buy the helmet that suits you in the best way.

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     It is an initial reaction or response that whenever there is an increase in supply, there is also an increase in demand, and it can go the other way around. Recently, the city of Cebu was noted as one of the most improved city in the Philippines that because of the increase as well of tourist visit in the city. Since there is an increase in supply or number of tourists coming in the city, there is also an increase as well of travel institutions and hotels responding to such supply.

    Cebu tours packages with hotel is one of the direct answer to most tourist’s concern. As a newbie in the place, they mostly need the convenience of their stay, the safety, they want to be in line with their budget and the itinerary that is in store for them. Locals take pride of what they have (Cebu) as to the resources that is surrounding them attracting still new comers and travelers. They boast as well the very rich and lively marine wealth that they still have; whale sharks, turtles and its likes. The activities that are available to tourists goes pretty well with the places that they are going to visit. Canyoneering in Oslob, they can swim along with the whale sharks and go on gliding with the turtles as well. 

Most people endeavor to run away from life the moment it gets hard. At this time, it really is free for the very first calendar year, then 99 cents every year after that. Ultimately, you're still likely to need to ask your spouse for the reality if you prefer to know for sure whether or not he's cheating on you. You're like two people in one, and a lot of the time we'll spend attempting to find out whether or not you truly are interested in being with us.

Having said That, he's okay with me getting another opinion, but I'm being told I might have to wait weeks around here. It is quite important we bounce back from the current events. If I'm here two weeks, if I'm here two days. I get comments constantly from people that can't believe my age.

Criticism must make up no more than 10% I want to concentrate on the things I'd do,'' he said. Death leaves a heartache nobody can heal.

What to Expect From Whatsapp after One Year?

Love leaves a memory nobody can steal. A word is sufficient for the wise. I felt the knee a bit strange. I don't really enjoy that word.

Life After Whatsapp after One Year

For people who are first time aspirants, it'll be required to provide a concise introduction about what is this exam about. Without panicking, people have a tendency to heal themselves more swiftly and naturally. Currently the Libyan people may rest.

The BlackBerry phone includes many fancy add-ons, they have an eye-candy appearance but there's one problem with them. There's also the possibility to sync your phone or tablet by means of your PC utilizing this app player. You won't have total mobility a cell phone and plan provides, however you will manage to make use of the application as any normal user would. So since you can see, there's zero need to be worried about rooting your Android phone.

Furthermore, the software also has options for editing images. After all, it's not a text editor. Actually it's more than an antivirus.

What You Need to Know About Whatsapp after One Year

After all, life is extremely short not to have a break and strive to gain some perspective once a while. A superb day begins with a positive attitude and also a good cup of coffee. After a time, I hit jackpot. I moved the leg like this 2 times to try and discover the feeling.

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They are what work on additional websites and HubPages really isn't something so distinctive and separate on the Internet for a whole it needs a plan so different from just about any other website. So we'll see precisely what that means when it comes to when he'll return to the president once he's eliminated those reservations. I utilized iPage customer service two or three times within the similar week. So it's a superb package for photographers to get.

If you happen to be looking for a way to play your clash of clans game in a way that would enable you to cross important stages without any issues, you will have to start comparing the different clash of clans hacks that are available on the internet that would enable you to manage things in the best possible manner without having to wonder where exactly you should be seeking recommendations on the best available tool that you could work with. If you have no way of determining what hacking tool would be perfect for your clash of clans game, you should by all means resort to the internet and seek to download information about popular tools which you could work with to get to your targets.

There are many different options available to you depending upon what you have in mind in terms of what you would like to be doing with regards to your gaming ambitions. Not every gamer would want to cross all available levels of a game to be satisfied with it as it depends upon how ambitious you may be as a person and as an individual. Some gamers love to reach the highest possible levels and it is only then that they are satisfied with their gaming ambitions. Others do not care as much, as they are satisfied with any level that they could get to playing the free and hack free version of their games.

Now, those who would like to reach the highest levels of clash of clans, have two options depending upon their own individual preferences. They could either spend money or seek out a free clash of clans hack tool that allows them to cheat their games. Whatever the game that you may want to take part in, what is important for you to realize is that you know what you are doing. This means, you are going to have to plan for things.